Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor
Highlands Performing Arts Center

Advisory Board

Wade Coleman, Faye Siegel, 

Brian Stiehler (Town of Highlands).

Cindy Trevathan, Beverly Wichman.

 Executive Director

​Mary Adair Trumbly


Jenna Barry (Box Office Manager)

Matthew Eberz (IT Director)

​Megan Greenlee Potts (Artistic Director, PAC Youth Theater)

© May, 2021

Mike Campbell, Geri Coleman, John. Eastman, Davidson Hall,

David Healy (Highlands Playhouse), Jane Webb LaCagnina,

Charlotte Muir, Lyle Nicholes.​​​​ 

Martha Pearson (Chamber Music), 

 Charlotte Muir, Serenity Richards (HCP),

Rick Trevathan, Jim Ward,

Chris Wilkes, Carla Wood, Leonard Wood.


Nancy Harrison , President

Ruth Claiborne, Vice President

Minnie Bob Campbell, Treasurer 

Frank Oliver, Assistant Treasurer

Jane Webb LaCagnina, Secretary

Board of Directors